Fitting FAQ

2017 Fitting Day:

Saturday May 13th

The Mountaineers 7700 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115

Girls 9:15-12:15

Boys 12:45-2:45


Greetings Seattle United Families:

With tryout season upon us, registration for the 2016/17 season will soon follow for most families, and the club would like to take time now to update and inform you regarding player registration as well as the uniform ordering process at Seattle United.  The weeks immediately following tryouts are the time to get your business with the club completed for the year ahead, and we want to help your accomplish that easily.  Please read through the information below carefully, and keep this newsletter close by – so you can refer to it both during the registration process and through out the upcoming season if need be.

What is Affinity?

Affinity is the club’s online software registration provider for all club members.  All families will register this season in Affinity (as most of you did for the 2014/15 season), and the club considers your family’s record in Affinity to be your official record with the club.  Your child’s registration history is here, as well as your current season’s payment history and your family’s contact information.  Please note:  while most of our teams use Team Snap as a team communication tool and website, the club has no formal relationship with Team Snap, and no ‘view’ into your Team Snap profile.  All information in Affinity should be current, and registration is a good time to review that.  Once you log in to your account page to begin registration, please take a moment to review your contact information (use the edit button next to each family member to update phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and the like).

When do I register my child?

Seattle United policy states that all families have 10 days to register after accepting a spot on a team following tryouts.  Your registration confirms your acceptance, and is the only way to guarantee your child’s spot on the roster.

Birth Certificates and Photos Required During Registration!

It is now required that you upload both a copy of a government-issued birth certificate or passport as well as a 1×1 forward-facing head shot of your child during the registration process.  These are requirements for any new player or any returning player whose information is incomplete (either the birth certificate or photo are not in the member profile).  All returning Seattle United players have been age-verified, and won’t be required to submit the birth certificate.  Some Seattle United families have already submitted a player photo (most likely accomplished by last years’ team manager), and won’t be asked for this either.  To be sure registration goes smoothly, please have both items on your computer in jpeg or pdf format so that the upload process is quick, and you can easily proceed to the next step of registration.

What is E*Check & Why Is It Important?

E*Check is an automated payment option that is available to all members at check out, just like VISA, Mastercard, and Discover.  Credit card processing fees are the largest expense for Seattle United related to player registration, and these fess increase each year.  We would like to strongly encourage all families to select the e*check payment option at check out.  E*check will process exactly like your debit card, and draws from your checking account.  You can use it to pay in full, or with either of the payment plans.  There is no processing fee charged to the club, so it can save the club considerably!  Should you choose e*check, just be sure to have a check ready during the online registration process as you will be asked for your bank’s routing number and checking account number (both easily readable on your check).  Thank you for helping the club minimize our overall registration expenses!

Should I use a payment plan?

The club encourages all families to pay your club fee (or player registration fee) in full at the time of registration, but offers two payment plan alternatives for our families who need a little more flexibility.  Complete payment plan details can be found on the Accepted Players page, under the Registration tab on the SU website.  The payment plan schedules are also visible during the check-out process in Affinity.  Please note – we encourage all families opting for a payment plan to use e*check as described above.  For most of us, our checking account information is more stable that our credit or debit card information – it rarely changes, and is almost never compromised (like in a Home Depot or Target-type breach).  Using e*check will allow you to use the payment plan without having to update payment information (like you would have to should your credit or debit card be compromised and re-issued).  Remember – it is your responsibility to keep this information current in Affinity so that all scheduled payments can process successfully.

Uniform Ordering – Fitting Nights and Deadlines

All registered players will receive an email from Soccer West inviting them to create an online account in order to place their 2016/2017 required uniforms. All required items will be designated as such once one is logged into their account. Uniforms must be ordered by June 1, or you run the risk of not receiving your order until mid-to-late August.
Uniform Fitting Nights are your chance for your player to get their uniforms properly sized and fitted. This is offered by the club and our retail partner, Soccer West, as a convenience to you and your child. Attendance is voluntary.
Here is the 2016 Fitting Night schedule:
Saturday, May 21:   Shoreline Room, Shoreline Center

Girls:  9:00am-12:00pm
Boys:  12:30pm-3:30pm

Wednesday, May 25:  Seattle United Office

Boys and Girls:  7:00-9:00pm

Thank you for reading through this information. It is shared in an effort to make you more informed about our registration and uniform ordering processes.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Registration: Paige Blomso, Registrar, at
Uniforms: Julie Irwin, Uniform Coordinator, at
All other questions: Kevin Long, Executive Director, at

Fitting FAQ


Anything comfortable that will facilitate fittings. Girls and boys are scheduled for separate times. We will not have private areas available other than restrooms. For these reasons, girls should wear sports bras or compression tops. For trying on shorts, we suggest that boys and girls wear compression shorts.



Space will be limited. See above for recommendations on what to wear to the fittings.



You should order uniforms as soon as you receive your email from Soccer West letting you know that your kit is available to order. Some pieces require a week to customize and some items, unfortunately, end up backordered therefore ordering sooner rather than later is preferred.



Unfortunately no, we negotiated the best possible pricing with all price savings passed on to our members. Seattle United does not receive a “kick back” from any uniform kit sales.