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Seattle Reign Academy Technical Director
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Seattle United DOC – Girls
Jason Farrell

Seattle Reign Academy To Compete in 2016/17 ECNL Season

SEATTLE (April 7, 2016) Seattle Reign FC announced today that the Seattle Reign Academy has been offered membership in the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) beginning in the 2016 – 2017 season.

The ECNL is the top female youth club competition in the world.  Every ECNL club competes in the U-14 through U-18 age groups in regular season conference-based competition, as well as ECNL National Events.  The ECNL also manages player identification and development programs across the country, player health, education and performance platforms, and club development and coaching education programs with experts from around the globe.  The ECNL is sanctioned by US Club Soccer and is sponsored by Nike Soccer.

“We are very excited to begin a long relationship with the Seattle Reign in the ECNL,” said ECNL President Christian Lavers.  “We believe a strong relationship between NWSL clubs like the Seattle Reign and the ECNL will help grow and promote women’s soccer across the country, and will lead to huge synergies for players and organizations at all levels.”

Seattle Reign Academy, created through a partnership with Seattle United, provides a comprehensive competitive platform for elite-level female youth soccer players in the Seattle region.  Seattle Reign Academy is led by Laura Harvey, head coach and general manager of Reign FC, who is also the Academy’s executive director.  Tracey Kevins serves as Technical Director of the Seattle Reign Academy, leading the development and implementation of Reign FC’s youth curriculum, identifying and managing all Academy coaches, and leading the day-to-day operations of the Academy.

“The mission for the Seattle Reign Academy is to provide the best possible development opportunities and standard of play for the players involved in our academy,” said Harvey.  “ECNL has developed the strongest program in the country to support our mission.  We’re really excited about joining the ECNL– we believe it will be a massive opportunity for our club and its players.”

In its six years of existence, the ECNL has become the top youth female youth development platform in the world, the most heavily scouted platform for college soccer, and players developed by ECNL clubs now constitute over 80 percent of the total US Soccer Youth National Team player pool.

There are currently 79 ECNL clubs around the United States.  Seattle Reign Academy is the 3rd club in Washington State to become an ECNL member club.  The other two clubs are Washington Premier and Crossfire Premier.

“For the past three years Reign FC has demonstrated its commitment to world-class soccer with its NWSL side,” said Tracey Kevins, Technical Director of Seattle Reign Academy.  “We are striving to create a similar environment for our Academy teams, preparing our players for college and the NWSL.”

“We partnered with the Seattle Reign to provide elite level girls in Seattle a clear pathway to playing at the highest level, under the technical leadership of some of the best women’s professional coaches in the world,” said Steve Morrissey, President of Seattle United.  “The Seattle Reign Academy’s acceptance into the ECNL really validates what our organizations are building together.”

Seattle Reign Academy will enter ECNL competitions beginning in November of 2016 with teams in each of the five ECNL age groups.  Players interested in playing for the Seattle Reign Academy must have been born between the years of 1998 to 2003 to participate in the 2016 – 2017 ECNL season.

Seattle Reign Academy staff will be conducting ECNL tryouts between May 2nd to the 10th. For more information and registration details please visit


Seattle Reign FC is one of ten teams in the National Women’s Soccer League. The NWSL is the premier women’s professional soccer league in North America, featuring many of the top players from the United States, Canada and around the world. Seattle Reign FC train and host home matches at Memorial Stadium, located in the shadow of the Space Needle on the Seattle Center campus. For more information on the club visit

2016/17 Seattle Reign Academy Technical Staff

Seattle Reign Academy Executive Director:  Laura Harvey  BIO

Seattle Reign Academy Technical Director:  Tracey Kevins  BIO  EMAIL

2003 Coach:  Jason Farrell  BIO  EMAIL

2002 Coach:  Tim Reynolds  BIO  EMAIL

2001 Coach:  Tim Reynolds  BIO  EMAIL

2000 Coach: Nikki Washington  BIO  EMAIL

1999/98 Coach: Vanessa Valentine  BIO  EMAIL

Note: All Seattle Reign Academy tryouts will take place at the Dempsey Indoor Practice Facility on the University of Washington campus in Seattle. Dempsey Indoor is located behind Husky Stadium (2819 Walla Walla Road NE, Seattle 98195). More location information found HERE.

2016/17 Seattle Reign Academy Tryouts

Age Group Date Time Location Check In
G03 May 4 6:30-8:00 Dempsey Indoor @ UW 5:45
G03 May 5 6:30-8:00 Dempsey Indoor @ UW 5:45
G02 May 2 6:30-8:00 Dempsey Indoor @ UW 5:45
G02 May 3 6:30-8:00 Dempsey Indoor @ UW 5:45
G01 May 9 6:15-7:45 Dempsey Indoor @ UW 5:30
G01 May 10 7:45-9:00 Dempsey Indoor @ UW 7:00
G00 May 9 7:45-9:00 Dempsey Indoor @ UW 7:00
G00 May 10 6:15-7:45 Dempsey Indoor @ UW 5:30
G99/98 May 9 7:45-9:00 Dempsey Indoor @ UW 7:00
G99/98 May 10 7:45-9:00 Dempsey Indoor @ UW 7:00

Note:  The Seattle Reign Academy tryouts are dedicated and separate from the normal Seattle United tryouts.  Only those that wish to play and commit to the Reign Academy should attend.  For players that do not make a Reign Academy team, your registration will automatically be rolled over to the normal SU tryouts.  There will be no need to register or pay again.  For the 2003 age group, the tryouts are on the same day and time as the SU tryouts.   For this reason, the Reign Academy staff will make every effort to select the 2003 team on the first night of tryouts.  For more information, contact DOC – Girls Jason Farrell.

Seattle Reign Academy Uniforms and Fan Gear

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Seattle Reign Academy/ECNL Frequently Asked Questions


The Elite Clubs National League, Inc. “ECNL” is a 501(c)(3) non-profit member-based organization founded in 2009 with the mission to improve the daily environment of Elite Female Youth Soccer Players in the USA.  In executing this mission, the league has created the top female youth club competition in the world, player identification and development programs across the country, player health, education and performance platforms online and at ECNL events nationally, and club development and coaching education programs with experts from around the globe.  In 6 years of existence the ECNL has become the top youth female development platform in the world, the most heavily scouted platform for college soccer and players developed by ECNL clubs now constitute 80-90% of the total US Soccer Youth National Team player pools.


The goal of the ECNL is to change the landscape for Elite Female Youth Soccer Players in the US through innovative, player centered programming and to enhance the overall experience by creating a better, more enjoyable, and more successful player, coach and club development model.


What is the ECNL?

The ECNL is a National Youth Soccer League providing the highest level of competition and the best developmental environment for the Elite female youth soccer player.

Who plays in the ECNL?

The ECNL consists of the best female youth soccer clubs from across the country.  For a complete list of clubs visit the ECNL website.

Why should I play in the ECNL?

The ECNL was formed with one driving purpose: improve the developmental environment for Elite female soccer players!

In order to accomplish this, the ECNL has several objectives:

  • Increase the frequency with which the top players in the country have the opportunity to compete against each other.
  • Decrease the number of non-competitive games for the top players in the country so that these players can train more frequently.
  • Increase the Collegiate recruiting exposure for top players.
  • Provide an alternative ID program for these players to be identified for US Youth Soccer National Teams.
  • Every member club of the ECNL is dedicated to accomplishing these objectives.

How are clubs admitted into the ECNL?

The application process will consider each club’s history of player development and club success, coaching staff qualifications, club admin resources, club facilities and a variety of other factors.

How is the ECNL different from other female soccer leagues in maximizing player development?


The ECNL provides the opportunity for the best female youth players in the country to compete against each other.  One of the major requirements for maximizing player development.  Because the ECNL only includes the best clubs in the country, every ECNL game is exceptionally competitive and played at a significantly higher speed with more physical, psychological, technical and tactical demands on the players than the average game. The consistency of this competition and the demands it imposes creates more skillful, intelligent and focused players.  In order to maximize the competitive level of each ECNL game, the ECNL only schedules 1 ECNL game per day per team, and no more than 3 days of ECNL games in succession.


The ECNL limits the number of substitutions in each ECNL game by prohibiting re-entry of players in each half. This forces players to maintain their concentration and work rate for far longer periods of time than in most other competitions and helps to prepare them for competition at the National and International level.  Players in the ECNL are forced to adapt to the physical and psychological demands of playing for 90 minutes without break and without the cushion of temporary substitution to re-energize or re-focus.

Roster Rules:

The ECNL allows a flexible roster of up to 30 players per team.  In addition, the ECNL allows players to move from one team roster to another from day to day allowing players to play in different age groups, however, a player may only play in 1 game per day.  This rule allows talented players to play “up” when a club determines it is in the best interests of the player to do so in order to maximize challenge and learning.

Relief of Calendar Congestion:

By guaranteeing member clubs with the opportunity to play the best clubs in the country on a regular basis and by providing an additional ID program within these games the ECNL schedule allows member clubs to reduce the total number of games played by their teams and players each year.  This provides each member club with more time for training to develop each player and provides more time for recovery and rejuvenation over the course of the year.

Standards and Recommendations:

The ECNL provides a recommended set of minimum standards and expectations for players and staff of ECNL clubs to create a more professional soccer environment.  In addition, the ECNL provides member clubs with the opportunity to share best practices in player development and club organization and administration to improve the daily experience of the players.

What is the ECNL Player ID Program?

The ECNL has created a unique ID program in conjunction with US Club Soccer’s ID2 ID program to provide an alternative for players to be identified for US National Teams.  The ECNL ID program identifies the best players in the ECNL through a combination of independent scouting and coaching recommendations.  Players identified will be invited into a special ECNL/ID2 Camp where they will be evaluated and trained by US Soccer Staff members.

What is the cost of the ECNL Player ID Program?

The ECNL player ID program comes at no cost to ECNL players.  ECNL players will be scouted and identified in their regular team environment without the added time and expense of try outs or camps.  Additionally, the cost of participation in the ECNL/ID2 National Camp for those players selected will be covered by the ECNL, US Club Soccer and Nike.  The only cost for selected players will be travel to and from the camp.

Can a player that participates in the ECNL also participate in the ODP/EPD program?

The ECNL Player ID program is one of several different ID programs provided by the different organizations for the Elite youth soccer player to be identified for US Soccer Youth National Teams.  The ECNL is not imposing restrictions on players to prevent them from participating in any other ID program.

Can players play both ECNL and High School Soccer?

Yes.  Reign Academy players will be allowed to play soccer for their high school.

How has the ECNL changed College Recruiting?

The ECNL brings together the best female soccer clubs in the country to compete against each other.  The schedule for the entire year is determined at the start of the season.  As such, college coaches can more easily plan their recruiting calendar.

Why should I play in the ECNL if I intend to go to college close to home?

NCAA Division I, II, III and NAIA college soccer programs recruit nationally and opportunities to play DI soccer tends to go to players from nationally competitive teams.  Elite players maximize their opportunities to be recruited for college and to be identified for the National Team by playing against the top talent that the country has to offer at the best events!

Who will we compete against?

(The below information is based upon the 2015/16 Season)

NW Conference (Mountain Division)

  • Crossfire Premier (WA)
  • WPFC (WA)
  • FC Nova (ID)
  • Utah Avalanche (UT)
  • FC Portland (OR)
  • Crossfire United (OR)

NW Conference (Colorado Division)

  • Real Colorado (CO)
  • Colorado Storm (CO)
  • Colorado Rush (CO)

NW Conference (California Division)

  • MVLA (NorCal)
  • Santa Rosa (NorCal)
  • Pleasanton Rage (Nor Cal)
  • Mustang (NorCal)
  • DeAnza Force (Nor Cal)
  • San Juan (NorCal)

Competition Structure

Teams in the Mountain Division will play 10 games against fellow Mountain Division opponents in a Home and Away format, 2 games against CO teams and 2 games against Northern Cal teams giving a total of 14 Conference games.  First place finish in Conference sends team to the National Finals (14 and 18) and to the National Playoffs (15-17).  There are ‘Wildcard” opportunities for Champions League play where National Event results will be used.

Typical ECNL Calendar

  • Nov – Dec: National Events in November in Phoenix (AZ) and Sanford (FL) in late December.
  • Jan – May: Conference Games and National Events in mid Feb in Frisco (TX), San Diego (CA) in early April and Somerset (NJ) in late May.
  • June: Late June – National Finals for U14 and U18. National Playoffs for U15, U16 and U17 teams in San Diego (CA) and North American Cup and Showcase Cup Finals.
  • July: National Finals for U15, U16 and U17.

National Showcase Requirements

  • U14: attend 1 National Event
  • U15: attend 2 National Events
  • U16 & U17: attend 3 National Events
  • U18: attend 1 National Event

Player Pools

  • U14 and above can roster up to 30 players.  Seattle Reign Academy will look to roster between 16-18 players.

Can a player from a Seattle United Copa team move up to a Reign Academy team during the season?

Yes.  The ECNL has flexibility for movement of players within member clubs, and players from Seattle United Copa teams may earn opportunities to train or play with the Reign Academy teams over the course of a season.

What is a Discovery Player (DP)?

A “Discovery Player” is a player that is not a full time member of the ECNL club to which she is registered.  A Discovery Player may appear on an active roster for a team of a non-ECNL Team.  In order to be considered a “DP” a player must be explicitly designated as such on the ECNL roster before such player participates in any ECNL competition.  DP’s are eligible to participate in all ECNL competitions.

  • ’03, ’02, ’01 and ’00 teams may have 2 DP’s
  • ‘98/99 teams may have up to 4 DP’s

Where will we train?

This will be determined by the club but the primary focus is to have a centralized training facility where ALL ECNL teams will train together.

How many times a week do ECNL Teams practice?

ECNL Teams will train 3-4 times a week.  A training calendar will be designed by the Technical Staff that will be presented to SRA players and families following tryouts.

When Do Practices Begin?

Training Sessions will begin in mid-May.

How much will it cost to play in the ECNL?

The fee structure has not yet been determined by the club.  It will be finalized prior to tryouts in May.


Tryouts will be held on the following days in May just prior to regular club tryouts at the University of Washington Dempsey Indoor Facility.  All sessions run 6:30-8:00pm.  Please arrive by 5:15 to check in.

  • May 2nd and 3rd:  2002 Age Group
  • May 4th and 5th:  2003 Age Group
  • May 9th and 10th:  2001, 2000 and 1998/99 Age Groups
  • Note:  Seattle Reign Academy will form their ECNL pool prior to the finalization of regular club teams so players who do not make the ECNL pool will still have an opportunity to try out for Seattle United.

 What happens if I try out for the Reign Academy and don’t make it?

With the exception of the 03 age group, all RA tryouts take place prior to Seattle United Tryouts.  If a player does not make the Academy team, their registration will automatically be rolled over to the SU tryouts.  No additional registration or fee is required.  For the 2003 age group, they will hold tryouts on the same days as the SU tryouts.  The Academy staff will do its best to let players know after the first night if they will not be in contention for a roster spot, thereby allowing players to go to the normal SU session the following night