Managers & Treasurers

Managers’ Meeting:  Wed, June 6, 2018, 7-9 pm.  Mountaineers Club.

2018/19 Manager’s Meeting


Presentation Now Available

2018/19 Presentation

Team Managers and Treasurers

Thanks to all of you for your willingness to act as either manager or treasurer for your team community.  We greatly value your time and service to Seattle United and we wish you & your team a great 2018/19 season!

We are your primary resource for information, help and assistance, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Executive Director – Kevin Long
Registrar – Paige Blomsø
Office Manager and Financial Aid administrator – Michele Authier
Uniform Coordinator – Julie Irwin
Field Scheduler – Kyle Rodeheaver

We will post information on this page to assist Managers in the financial and adminsitrative functions. Please navigate to the appropriate topic.


  • Affinity Sports is the club’s official registration software.  It is also the software used by WYS to manage the RCL (Regional Club League), the FWRL (Far West Regional League) and all state cups.
  • All official registration records and team rosters are live in Affinity.
  • All managers need to register each season with Affinity.
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Financial management of team funds is an integral part of team management for all Seattle United teams.  This task is most often handled by the team treasurer, with input from both the coach and the manager.

Posted is a template budget and instructions that will help guide and give you an understanding of what is the teams responsibility and what is paid for by the Club.

There are tabs in the worksheet for regional and premier budgets.

Team Bank Accounts

Seattle United teams will need bank checking services.  Seattle United’s bank is Home Street Bank located in downtown Seattle. Home Street Bank developed a customized banking solution for our teams.

Apply today and send completed application to:

Seattle United
650 S. Orcas St., Suite 220
Seattle, WA 98108

Team bank accounts stay with the team as long as they are playing at Seattle United and carry-over to each new seasonal year.  If the Team Treasurer or Signee transitions the new volunteer must use the same application.

Please do not forget to provide a photo-copy of identification with the application.

Financial Aid

Questions regarding our financial aid policies should be directed to Michele Authier, the club’s FA administrator.  Email Michele HERE.

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  • Some teams have players who receive financial aid from the club.  These players may impact your team’s qualification for a team fee subsidy (info below).

US Club Tournaments

Seattle United has set up a club membership at US Club Soccer. If you plan to enter a US Club tournament please notify the Seattle United registrar as soon as possible so that your staff and team can be added to the system and so you can add your players.