Field Locations

Please use SYSA’s field page while Seattle United builds its own data base of

SYSA Field Locations

Additional Info for Fields – Security Contact List for Field Problems.

Lighting Problems — Call 1-855-330-8400 if lights go off early or do not turn on in time.

Field Conflict Problems
SYSA reserves fields for practice and games throughout the year. The permits found at the links below from Seattle Parks and Shoreline Parks and Schools are kept updated and current to the best of our ability. Use them to check on field reservations or to settle disputed reservations at fields.

We strongly suggest that each SYSA coach print out a copy of the reservation with their practice fields listed and carry it with them to the field for each practice.

If SYSA has the field reserved and other groups refuse to leave, please follow the instructions below. You can print out a sheet with phone numbers for security or conflict resolution at this link.

If there is another team or sports group or individuals on your training field, follow these guidelines:

  1. Show them your printed field reservation, or open the correct reservation permit from the list below. Politely tell the other group that you have the field reserved and ask them to leave.
  2. If the other group admits they do not have a reservation and made a mistake, and they have children there ready to practice, you can try to share the field with them if that is possible. If not, they will just have to leave.
  3. If the other group won’t admit they do not have the field reserved, or refuses to leave, tell them you are going to call Seattle Parks. In the evening and on weekends, call 206-982-4583. This is a pager and will reach the Parks Duty Officer. You will need to enter you cell phone number so they can call you back. Call this number every 5 minutes until they do.
  4. Find out what organization is on the field, and get a contact number and name for the group that refuses to leave. This will be important in helping SYSA prevent this group from causing problems again, and for following up with Seattle Parks. Send the organization’s contact info to SYSA at, or call 206-552-0723 and leave a message.
  5. DO NOT GET INTO A SHOUTING MATCH if the other group refuses to leave; do not take any action that will create conflict that might put you or your team in danger. Your first priority is to protect your players and yourself.
  6. If you feel threatened at any time, call 911. You should also call Seattle Parks Security:
  7. Monday – Thursday: 206-396-0922
    Friday – Sunday: 206-423-0227
    After 6pm: 206-684-7088
  8. Wait at the field for a response from one of the security agencies. If that isn’t possible, contact your parents and make arrangement for pick up of your players. Be sure to contact SYSA about this incident at, or call 206-552-0723.

Please review these guidelines ahead of time. Be prepared!

Field Links – Links to web sites related to fields are listed below.

Seattle Parks and Recreation – Contact information for comments and questions.

Field locations – Locations and directions to soccer fields your children practice and play on.

Friends of Athletic Fields – A Seattle non-profit group focused on improving playing fields with representatives from all major sports.

Joint Athletics Facilities Development Program (JAFDP) – The master plan for Seattle Parks and Schools athletic fields.

Seattle Athletic Fields – Seattle Parks and Recreation’s web site listing of athletic fields, with information and pictures.

Shoreline Parks and Recreation – Contact information for comments and questions.

Shoreline Schools – Contact information for comments and questions.