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  1. Melanie Tratnik 1 month ago

    Lost in May 2017 a child’s grey SU warmup jacket with the #2 on the chest. Likely lost in the Ballard/Wallingford/Phinney Ridge area.

  2. Cathy McKee 3 months ago

    #8 grey newest style warm up jacket YXL(we think) left at Shoreline A/B last Thursday, March 23. If found please contact Cathy McKee at 206-713-0884. My daughter is on the G04 COPA team.

  3. mr 8 months ago

    Lost a gray warmup jacket #28, youth med at Georgetown on Th 10/27.

  4. Jackie DeNonno 8 months ago

    Lost SU youth Warm-up jacket #13 at Ingraham stadium in Saturday 10/22. Please call 206-930-2448. Thanks!

  5. Debbie 8 months ago

    Lost: #25 youth training jacket at Shoreline A/B last Tuesday 10/11. If found please contact Debbie at 206.459.4322 or debbiepuetz@gmail.com

  6. Diane 8 months ago

    Found SU jacket #6 tonight – Wednesday 10/19 at Ingraham

  7. Mari Brown 8 months ago

    Lost #21 (Adult Small) Adidas Grey Training Jacket @ Twin Ponds several weeks ago.
    Please call Mari: 206-706-1527 if found. Thanks!

  8. Angela Hession 9 months ago

    Lost Youth Small Blue/Grey Training Jacket #27 at Jefferson Park South Field during Seattle United B06 game on Saturday October 1st around 10am. If found please contact Angela Hession at 206 499 5915.

  9. Christine 9 months ago

    Lost size 10 men’s Nike navy Jordan’s low top
    Possibly left at lower woodland 7 or ingraham

  10. Vale Baxter 12 months ago

    Lost a children’s warmup jacket, blue and black #23. We believe it was left at Magnuson in June.

  11. Kelly Peterson 1 year ago

    Seeking Women’s SM home/away jerseys with #6, or #2 for G98 players (two region teams combined so we have conflicts) – – this is their last year to play, so buying brand new is not optimal. please contact Kelly@pacificadvisors.net

  12. Kelly Peterson 1 year ago

    Seeking Women’s SM home/away jerseys with #6, or #2 for G98 players (two region teams combined so we have conflicts) – – this is their last year to play, so buying brand new is not optimal.

  13. Jen Fallon 1 year ago

    Found mens watch at Van Asselt, Monday, 4/18. Email me and identify it (color, brand) and we’d be happy to get it back to you.

  14. Tia 1 year ago

    LOST: #12 Warm Up Jacket, kids size med or large. We think it was left at Interbay on 3/7. Tiaheim@gmail.com

  15. Sanjay Levinson 1 year ago

    I lost a mens north face green/grey thermoball jacket at shoreline a/b on the 25th of February 2016 at B99/98 premiere tryouts. It’s a hooded, size medium, puffy jacket that is greenish grey with a lighter grey zipper. Please contact me with the email priyanthialahendra@gmail.com or reach me at 415-717-8349. Thanks!

  16. Yen Banh 1 year ago

    LOST: Black Seattle United rain jacket at Lower Woodland #2 on Thursday, January 21, 2016. It has the initials “SBW” on the tag(s) inside. If you come across it, please contact: 206.778.5008 or yenbanh@ymail.com. Thanks!

  17. Kevin Rothrock 1 year ago

    Lost: #6 Seattle United rain jacket (black) size L. Left at Ingraham High School (main fields, not stadium) on 1/5/16. Please call (206) 498-7150.

  18. Corey 2 years ago

    Lost Youth XL rain jacket #10 no name inside; Ingraham practice field can call or text 425.478.4004

  19. Ann Allen 2 years ago

    Hi. We picked up a 01 West Blue “Luke” ball in the street near Ingraham in the last week. Let me know if it is yours. Will try to find a way to get it back that way. 425-241-6033.

  20. Natalie Dearie 2 years ago

    Lost #13 Jacket on or around 11/6. If found, please call or text me at 206-310-7950.

  21. Ann Allen 2 years ago

    We found a Youth M #13 warmup jacket. Happy to get it back to its owner.

    • Natalie Dearie 2 years ago

      My son lost his #13 SU jacket at Ingraham last Friday night (11/6). Wondering if this might be his. I thought it had our name on a sticker but it may have fallen off. Please let me know if you think this might be ours. Thank you, Natalie

    • Natalie Dearie 2 years ago

      Hi Ann,
      Sorry if this is a duplicate response. I tried to respond earlier, but I’m not sure it was delivered. My son lost his SU #13 jacket, we believe at Ingraham last Friday (11/8). We are hopeful that you have it. Please let me know if this might be ours. Thank you.

  22. Becca 2 years ago

    Lost a Youth small warmup jacket #39 at 60 Acres on 10/18.

  23. April 2 years ago

    Lost sometime in last several weeks: Youth Medium warmup jacket #2 at Ingraham or Twin Ponds.

  24. Johnny 2 years ago

    Found a Youth Small warmup jacket #15 at Ingraham North Field on Thursday night (10/8/15) with a name on it (initials A.S.)

  25. Timothy Doyle 2 years ago

    Lost a Youth Extra Small (XS) Warmup Jacket – #42 – at Sixty Acres on 10/4/2015.

  26. Andrew Goldstein 2 years ago

    Lost youth medium #8 at Ingraham High School On Oct. 7.

  27. Tracy 2 years ago

    Lost #30 SU blue and black warmup jacket. New this season, West Region player. Please contact if found!

    • Tracy 2 years ago

      Call or text me at 206-335-5905 if found the #30 warmup jacket.

  28. kirby 2 years ago

    Lost a Youth Medium #37 warmup jacket at POD at Jane Addams last Friday oct. 2

  29. Amanda Olson 2 years ago

    Lost SU warm up jacket with #10, youth size medium at Magnolia last week (Wednesday, Sept. 30).

  30. Shawnaci Petrosky 2 years ago

    In June my son lost his Green Drawstring Mexico Backpack with all his Ref’in clothes. He needs this to ref. Please email me if you seen it. Twin_ladys@yahoo.com

  31. Lily 2 years ago

    Lost a warm-up jacket size medium number 2 at Seattle cup at Starfire, if you found it please contact me, thanks!


  32. Doug Manis 2 years ago

    Found a gray/light blue warm-up jacket, #22, size small at Shoreline A/B on Thursday, June 4th. Would love to reunite with its owner.

    Email me at manisfam@mac.com or dougmanis@gmail.com to connect.

  33. Kate Macneale 2 years ago

    Hello – We’ve lost a girl’s youth medium(?) SU jacket with #56, and we’d love to know if anyone has found it – Thanks!

  34. Ingrid 2 years ago

    Left: black Adidas warm-up pants, women’s size small, #8, at Lower Genesee field during tryouts Friday night 5/8/15

  35. Susan Whiting 2 years ago

    We’re looking for a boy’s SU jacket #27 last seen at Twin Ponds 4/24/15. If anyone picked it up, please let us know. thanks.

  36. Jen Fallon 2 years ago

    Left boys’s home/light blue jersey #3 at Queen Anne Bowl on Sat, 4/18. Was not there when we returned to field 30 mins later.
    Did somebody pick up?

    • Jen Fallon 2 years ago

      This was found.

  37. Steve Morrissey 2 years ago

    Lost — ym training jacket #6. Says “EM G05 Copa” inside.

  38. Marianne Luft 2 years ago

    Lost boys warm up jacket and pants (#23) at Magnuson #6. Either Feb. 11th or 18th. I believe sizes were large but jacket should have Dylan Paine on the tag. Pants have hole in right knee.

    • Sue Parson 2 years ago


      We have an extra #23 black jacket with no name. My son is #23, and somehow ended up with 2, but it is a size MEDIUM. Call me to connect: 206-550-3163.

  39. Stephanie Scroggs 2 years ago

    Found SU jacket, number 33 at Ingraham. Please email if it is yours.

  40. Michael King 2 years ago

    Lost black SU training jacket. It is a youth large and had the #4 on the front. I beleive the tag inside should have a AK for Arriannah King.

  41. Chiyo 2 years ago

    Lost SU team jacket #1 with a C or Chiyo written on tag.
    Lost Thursday night 8 pm at Ingraham HS.

  42. Brian Todd 2 years ago

    Lost Seattle United warmup jacket #15 at Ingraham this week.
    Boys small

  43. Hugo Varlamos 2 years ago

    Lost Seattle United #27 jacket says Hugo inside the left pocket.
    Size medium

  44. Susan Takemoto 2 years ago

    Did you find a #9 warm up jacket size Women’s Small? Name “Julia” written on tag.

  45. Stephanie Wallace 2 years ago

    Lost a #18 Seattle United Black Rain Jacket at Shoreline Field. Please email me if you picked it up. Thank you!

  46. Corinne Ross 3 years ago

    Lost at Ingraham 12/17 evening practice. #23 boys warm up jacket in dark blue that was hanging on the fence. Please email me if you picked it up. Thanks!

  47. Brian Todd 3 years ago

    FOUND: Adidas windbreaker/rain jacket. Black — same as the standard team rain jacket, but without SU logo or a #. Jefferson Playfield – November 22, Size (Youth) L

    • Kate Ongvisit 1 year ago


      If you still have it, pls. let me know. I can pick up at your house. I believe it was the one my son lost there. We went back, but never found it. I didn’t know there is lost and found link here. Thank you.

  48. LAURA ROSE 3 years ago

    Missing- Woodland soccer field- November 22 afternoon game.
    #8 women’s warm up jacket. Size small. New black/blue style.

  49. Sue Parson 3 years ago

    FOUND: #8 SU Black Jacket Size M. Washington Park. Contact Sue Parson 206-781-2287 or parsonsusan@gmail.com

  50. Jen Fallon 3 years ago

    LOST: #28 men’s training jacket, size medium. New style (black/blue) Misplaced sometime early November-ish. Not sure where.
    If found please email: jzfallon@gmail.com. Belongs to Colin Fallon, B98 Tango, but I don’t think his name is written on jacket anywhere.

  51. Markus Glunz 3 years ago

    Our son left his blue rain jacket at Ingraham after yesterday’s practice, 11/5, 5:30-7. Anybody pick it up by any chance? Or know who would pick up stuff left behind after practices?

  52. Chuck Johnson 3 years ago

    We found a Mens size Medium #33 Seattle United Adidas warm-up jacket. Let us know if you lost it.

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