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  1. Tricia Hans 7 days ago

    Lost Seattle United Warm up jacket #8 and pants. Unknown when last had but may have left at one of the practice fields.

  2. Kay 9 months ago

    Lost – SU grey warm up jacket youth medium No. 54. (B06 West Black) Disappeared at practice at Woodland 2 on Wednesday evening (Jan 3rd 2018, 5:45-7pm). Please contact 206 334 4306 if you picked it up. Thank you.

  3. Stacie Van den Dyssel 11 months ago

    Found SU training jacket youth small. #33 @ Miller on Sunday. Name on jacket says Heim but phone # is unreadable.

    • Tia 10 months ago

      That is my daughter’s jacket. You can reach or text me at 206-250-7000. Thanks!

  4. Andrew Mackenzie 12 months ago

    Lost: Iphone SE
    where: Ingraham
    when: October 4th

    • Elizabeth Landry 11 months ago

      Lost SU rain jacket, maybe at Georgetown field, or maybe Jefferson. This year design, youth medium, no # on it.

  5. Andrew Mackenzie 12 months ago

    Lost: Iphone SE in white speck case

  6. Matt Hainje 12 months ago

    Lost: Adidas soccer ball, at In Graham High School fields, Thursday, Sep 2. Size 5, HAINJE written on the ball in marker.

  7. Matt Hainje 1 year ago

    Found: Smartwatch, from an SU backpack
    Where: Starfire Sports, Field #11
    When: Evening of Saturday, July 8

    We had to leave the field in a hurry due to injury, and in gathering our son’s bag, we got someone else’s, apparently left behind, with the same number. The watch fell out in our van while my wife searched for other stuff. We returned to the field and exchanged the bags, but didn’t realize the watch had fallen out.

  8. Julie Yee 1 year ago

    Lost: Seattle United backpack #12 at Magnuson grass field on Thursday, June 15. Contained soccer ball with player’s name and purple hydroflask inside. If found please contact Julie at 206.351.3630.

  9. Jennifer Sewell Tifft 1 year ago

    Lost Seattle United girls rain jacket with #3 on the back. Last seen at Lower Woodland Field 7.

  10. Melanie Tratnik 1 year ago

    Lost in May 2017 a child’s grey SU warmup jacket with the #2 on the chest. Likely lost in the Ballard/Wallingford/Phinney Ridge area.

  11. Cathy McKee 1 year ago

    #8 grey newest style warm up jacket YXL(we think) left at Shoreline A/B last Thursday, March 23. If found please contact Cathy McKee at 206-713-0884. My daughter is on the G04 COPA team.

  12. mr 2 years ago

    Lost a gray warmup jacket #28, youth med at Georgetown on Th 10/27.

  13. Jackie DeNonno 2 years ago

    Lost SU youth Warm-up jacket #13 at Ingraham stadium in Saturday 10/22. Please call 206-930-2448. Thanks!

  14. Debbie 2 years ago

    Lost: #25 youth training jacket at Shoreline A/B last Tuesday 10/11. If found please contact Debbie at 206.459.4322 or debbiepuetz@gmail.com

  15. Diane 2 years ago

    Found SU jacket #6 tonight – Wednesday 10/19 at Ingraham

  16. Mari Brown 2 years ago

    Lost #21 (Adult Small) Adidas Grey Training Jacket @ Twin Ponds several weeks ago.
    Please call Mari: 206-706-1527 if found. Thanks!

  17. Angela Hession 2 years ago

    Lost Youth Small Blue/Grey Training Jacket #27 at Jefferson Park South Field during Seattle United B06 game on Saturday October 1st around 10am. If found please contact Angela Hession at 206 499 5915.

  18. Christine 2 years ago

    Lost size 10 men’s Nike navy Jordan’s low top
    Possibly left at lower woodland 7 or ingraham

  19. Vale Baxter 2 years ago

    Lost a children’s warmup jacket, blue and black #23. We believe it was left at Magnuson in June.

  20. Kelly Peterson 2 years ago

    Seeking Women’s SM home/away jerseys with #6, or #2 for G98 players (two region teams combined so we have conflicts) – – this is their last year to play, so buying brand new is not optimal. please contact Kelly@pacificadvisors.net

  21. Kelly Peterson 2 years ago

    Seeking Women’s SM home/away jerseys with #6, or #2 for G98 players (two region teams combined so we have conflicts) – – this is their last year to play, so buying brand new is not optimal.

  22. Jen Fallon 2 years ago

    Found mens watch at Van Asselt, Monday, 4/18. Email me and identify it (color, brand) and we’d be happy to get it back to you.

  23. Tia 3 years ago

    LOST: #12 Warm Up Jacket, kids size med or large. We think it was left at Interbay on 3/7. Tiaheim@gmail.com

  24. Sanjay Levinson 3 years ago

    I lost a mens north face green/grey thermoball jacket at shoreline a/b on the 25th of February 2016 at B99/98 premiere tryouts. It’s a hooded, size medium, puffy jacket that is greenish grey with a lighter grey zipper. Please contact me with the email priyanthialahendra@gmail.com or reach me at 415-717-8349. Thanks!

  25. Yen Banh 3 years ago

    LOST: Black Seattle United rain jacket at Lower Woodland #2 on Thursday, January 21, 2016. It has the initials “SBW” on the tag(s) inside. If you come across it, please contact: 206.778.5008 or yenbanh@ymail.com. Thanks!

  26. Kevin Rothrock 3 years ago

    Lost: #6 Seattle United rain jacket (black) size L. Left at Ingraham High School (main fields, not stadium) on 1/5/16. Please call (206) 498-7150.

  27. Corey 3 years ago

    Lost Youth XL rain jacket #10 no name inside; Ingraham practice field can call or text 425.478.4004

  28. Ann Allen 3 years ago

    Hi. We picked up a 01 West Blue “Luke” ball in the street near Ingraham in the last week. Let me know if it is yours. Will try to find a way to get it back that way. 425-241-6033.

  29. Natalie Dearie 3 years ago

    Lost #13 Jacket on or around 11/6. If found, please call or text me at 206-310-7950.

  30. Ann Allen 3 years ago

    We found a Youth M #13 warmup jacket. Happy to get it back to its owner.

    • Natalie Dearie 3 years ago

      My son lost his #13 SU jacket at Ingraham last Friday night (11/6). Wondering if this might be his. I thought it had our name on a sticker but it may have fallen off. Please let me know if you think this might be ours. Thank you, Natalie

    • Natalie Dearie 3 years ago

      Hi Ann,
      Sorry if this is a duplicate response. I tried to respond earlier, but I’m not sure it was delivered. My son lost his SU #13 jacket, we believe at Ingraham last Friday (11/8). We are hopeful that you have it. Please let me know if this might be ours. Thank you.

  31. Becca 3 years ago

    Lost a Youth small warmup jacket #39 at 60 Acres on 10/18.

  32. April 3 years ago

    Lost sometime in last several weeks: Youth Medium warmup jacket #2 at Ingraham or Twin Ponds.

  33. Johnny 3 years ago

    Found a Youth Small warmup jacket #15 at Ingraham North Field on Thursday night (10/8/15) with a name on it (initials A.S.)

  34. Timothy Doyle 3 years ago

    Lost a Youth Extra Small (XS) Warmup Jacket – #42 – at Sixty Acres on 10/4/2015.

  35. Andrew Goldstein 3 years ago

    Lost youth medium #8 at Ingraham High School On Oct. 7.

  36. Tracy 3 years ago

    Lost #30 SU blue and black warmup jacket. New this season, West Region player. Please contact if found!

    • Tracy 3 years ago

      Call or text me at 206-335-5905 if found the #30 warmup jacket.

  37. kirby 3 years ago

    Lost a Youth Medium #37 warmup jacket at POD at Jane Addams last Friday oct. 2

  38. Amanda Olson 3 years ago

    Lost SU warm up jacket with #10, youth size medium at Magnolia last week (Wednesday, Sept. 30).

  39. Shawnaci Petrosky 3 years ago

    In June my son lost his Green Drawstring Mexico Backpack with all his Ref’in clothes. He needs this to ref. Please email me if you seen it. Twin_ladys@yahoo.com

  40. Lily 3 years ago

    Lost a warm-up jacket size medium number 2 at Seattle cup at Starfire, if you found it please contact me, thanks!


  41. Doug Manis 3 years ago

    Found a gray/light blue warm-up jacket, #22, size small at Shoreline A/B on Thursday, June 4th. Would love to reunite with its owner.

    Email me at manisfam@mac.com or dougmanis@gmail.com to connect.

  42. Kate Macneale 3 years ago

    Hello – We’ve lost a girl’s youth medium(?) SU jacket with #56, and we’d love to know if anyone has found it – Thanks!

  43. Ingrid 3 years ago

    Left: black Adidas warm-up pants, women’s size small, #8, at Lower Genesee field during tryouts Friday night 5/8/15

  44. Susan Whiting 3 years ago

    We’re looking for a boy’s SU jacket #27 last seen at Twin Ponds 4/24/15. If anyone picked it up, please let us know. thanks.

  45. Jen Fallon 3 years ago

    Left boys’s home/light blue jersey #3 at Queen Anne Bowl on Sat, 4/18. Was not there when we returned to field 30 mins later.
    Did somebody pick up?

    • Jen Fallon 3 years ago

      This was found.

  46. Steve Morrissey 3 years ago

    Lost — ym training jacket #6. Says “EM G05 Copa” inside.

  47. Marianne Luft 4 years ago

    Lost boys warm up jacket and pants (#23) at Magnuson #6. Either Feb. 11th or 18th. I believe sizes were large but jacket should have Dylan Paine on the tag. Pants have hole in right knee.

    • Sue Parson 4 years ago


      We have an extra #23 black jacket with no name. My son is #23, and somehow ended up with 2, but it is a size MEDIUM. Call me to connect: 206-550-3163.

  48. Stephanie Scroggs 4 years ago

    Found SU jacket, number 33 at Ingraham. Please email if it is yours.

  49. Michael King 4 years ago

    Lost black SU training jacket. It is a youth large and had the #4 on the front. I beleive the tag inside should have a AK for Arriannah King.

  50. Chiyo 4 years ago

    Lost SU team jacket #1 with a C or Chiyo written on tag.
    Lost Thursday night 8 pm at Ingraham HS.

  51. Brian Todd 4 years ago

    Lost Seattle United warmup jacket #15 at Ingraham this week.
    Boys small

  52. Hugo Varlamos 4 years ago

    Lost Seattle United #27 jacket says Hugo inside the left pocket.
    Size medium

  53. Susan Takemoto 4 years ago

    Did you find a #9 warm up jacket size Women’s Small? Name “Julia” written on tag.

  54. Stephanie Wallace 4 years ago

    Lost a #18 Seattle United Black Rain Jacket at Shoreline Field. Please email me if you picked it up. Thank you!

  55. Corinne Ross 4 years ago

    Lost at Ingraham 12/17 evening practice. #23 boys warm up jacket in dark blue that was hanging on the fence. Please email me if you picked it up. Thanks!

  56. Brian Todd 4 years ago

    FOUND: Adidas windbreaker/rain jacket. Black — same as the standard team rain jacket, but without SU logo or a #. Jefferson Playfield – November 22, Size (Youth) L

    • Kate Ongvisit 3 years ago


      If you still have it, pls. let me know. I can pick up at your house. I believe it was the one my son lost there. We went back, but never found it. I didn’t know there is lost and found link here. Thank you.

  57. LAURA ROSE 4 years ago

    Missing- Woodland soccer field- November 22 afternoon game.
    #8 women’s warm up jacket. Size small. New black/blue style.

  58. Sue Parson 4 years ago

    FOUND: #8 SU Black Jacket Size M. Washington Park. Contact Sue Parson 206-781-2287 or parsonsusan@gmail.com

  59. Jen Fallon 4 years ago

    LOST: #28 men’s training jacket, size medium. New style (black/blue) Misplaced sometime early November-ish. Not sure where.
    If found please email: jzfallon@gmail.com. Belongs to Colin Fallon, B98 Tango, but I don’t think his name is written on jacket anywhere.

  60. Markus Glunz 4 years ago

    Our son left his blue rain jacket at Ingraham after yesterday’s practice, 11/5, 5:30-7. Anybody pick it up by any chance? Or know who would pick up stuff left behind after practices?

  61. Chuck Johnson 4 years ago

    We found a Mens size Medium #33 Seattle United Adidas warm-up jacket. Let us know if you lost it.

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