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Fitting FAQ

  • I cannot make it at my team’s time. Will there be make up fitting sessions?

    You can always drop by Schmetzer's Sporthaus to try on all kit items after your scheduled fitting night. However, please make every effort to attend your session (or attend one of the other times). If you are unable to attend any sessions, you can also check the sizing recorded by other teammates similar in size to your son or daughter.

  • What should the player wear to the fitting?

    Anything comfortable that will facilitate fittings. Girls and boys are scheduled for separate times. We will not have private areas available other than restrooms. For these reasons, girls should wear sports bras or compression tops. For trying on shorts, we suggest that boys and girls wear compression shorts.

  • Will there be somewhere for the players to change in order to try on garments?

    Space will be limited. See above for recommendations on what to wear to the fittings.

  • When do we order the uniforms?

    You should order uniforms as soon as you receive your email from Schmetzer's Sporthaus letting you know that your kit is available to order. Some pieces require a week to customize and some items, unfortunately, end up backordered therefore ordering sooner rather than later is preferred.

  • Will there be a discount for families that want to buy two sets of uniforms?

    Unfortunately no, we negotiated the best possible pricing with all price savings passed on to our members. Seattle United does not receive a “kick back” from any uniform kit sales.

Tryouts FAQ

  • Who should try out for competitive soccer?
    Competitive soccer requires much more of a commitment than recreational soccer. Competitive soccer players need to be focused and highly motivated. They must possess a strong desire to learn the game from experienced coaches and to surround themselves with other focused and highly motivated players.
  • How do I sign up for tryouts?
    Online registration is available through the Seattle United website (www.seattleunited.com). We strongly encourage you to pre-register for two reasons. First, it helps facilitate an easier check-in on the first day of your tryout. Secondly, it helps the coaching and evaluating staff to more properly prepare their sessions. If you are unable to register online, walk-up registrations are allowed. Be advised that online registration closes 48 hours prior to the first day/night of any scheduled tryout. Please note that there is a $10.00 registration fee online and a $25.00 registration fee for walk-ups. Anyone that did not pre-register must have a parent or guardian present to sign medical and liability waivers.
  • How are Seattle United teams structured?

    Premier Teams – There are two premier teams at each age and gender. Our premier teams play at the highest applicable WYS league (currently, the RCL).

    Regional Select Teams – Our select teams train in one of four regions within the club. These regions include Shoreline, Northeast, South and West.

    1. Each region will have one or two teams per age and gender, and will play in the most applicable WYS league (generally the North Puget Sound League (NPSL)).
    2. See Regional Map
    3. While our select teams train within their given region, a player may opt to play in a region outside of their neighborhood provided there is roster space and the coach agrees to accept the player.
  • When will I have to commit to the team and what happens after I commit?
    We ask that every player that is trying out for a Seattle United team be ready to commit to the team upon receiving an offer. This will speed up the process for everyone else in the age group. Decisions must be made within 24 hours as there are players that will be offered a spot should one decline an offer. Acceptance of a roster spot is confirmed ONLY when the commitment paperwork and fee are received.
  • Will a session ever get cancelled due to weather? What is the process of notifying players?
    We live in Seattle….any weather is possible. While it would take extreme weather to cancel any of our sessions, this has happened in the past. If there is a threat of severe weather, please make sure to check the Seattle United website often. We will also attempt to contact all registered players. For this reason, it is important that the email address you put on the registration form is the best one to contact you with. Please know that while cancelling a session is extremely rare, player safety comes first.
  • What if I am sick or if I have to miss tryouts?
    In the case of all unavoidable conflicts, please contact the Copa team head coach or the age group director. He/she will advise you on how best to proceed.
  • What do the coaches look for during tryouts?
    All players will be evaluated based on their technical and tactical ability as well as their physical abilities. Players who exhibit a strong work ethic and who display a respect for the game, coaches and fellow players will show well.
  • Do I have to attend all of the tryout sessions?
    This is a very popular question each year. The simple answer is…YES. The more sessions you attend, the greater the opportunity you have to exhibit your skills to the head coach and the staff of evaluators. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you attend each of the sessions in your age group. You must attend at least one session. If there is a major and unavoidable conflict with the dates and times of your age group sessions, please contact the Copa team head coach at your age group. Arrangements can be made to provide you the opportunity to try out. In some circumstances, a supplemental session may be scheduled. It is imperative that, even if you are planning to miss a sessions or sessions, you still register online!

    When you are attending the second and third night of tryouts, please make sure that your player number is the same as on all previous nights.

  • Can I play for an older team?
    One of the goals of our club is to make sure that each player is placed on a team not necessarily based on age but on ability. It is in every player’s best interest, from a soccer development standpoint, to play with players of like-ability. For this reason, if the Seattle United technical staff determines that it is in your best interest to play up a year, a decision can be made at that time. If you are new to the club, please make sure that the staff knows if you are at a session and are attempting to play up a year.
  • What age group should I try out for?
    Use the Age Chart to determine which tryout you should attend.
  • What do I need to bring?
    All players should bring their soccer cleats, shin guards, a water bottle, an appropriately sized soccer ball and weather-appropriate training clothes. Returning Seattle United players: DO NOT wear your club uniform.

    1. Please be sure to print, sign and bring your medical release/liability waiver with you to the first session.
    2. Please arrive 45 minutes prior to your first session and 30 minutes prior for the following sessions.
  • I am interested in playing for Seattle United but I cannot afford it. Is there a scholarship program offered?
    Yes. Details are on our Financial Aid page
  • Do returning Seattle United players need to try out?
    Yes. All players must try out each year.
  • How much will it cost if I make a team? Do I have to pay all at once?
    This varies by team and will be published shortly.

    Yes, there are payment options available. Including the Commitment Fee, it is an eight month payment schedule.

  • What if I do not make a team? What are my other options?
    Unfortunately, not all players will make a team. There are plenty of options available to those that do not. At all age groups, the SYSA rec soccer program is a fantastic way to stay involved and hone your skills. At the younger age groups, the Seattle United Juniors and Seattle United Player Development Academy are also fantastic options to continue your soccer developmental cycle. We encourage players that are interested in other opportunities to contact your age group head coach.

Uniform FAQ

  • What information is needed from teams to set-up on-line ordering?

    Each team needs to provide the Club Uniform Coordinator the following information for each rostered player: the player’s first and last name; the player’s jersey number; and the e-mail address/phone number to receive ordering information from Schmetzer's. CHOOSE EMAIL AND PHONE NUMBER CAREFULLY! This will be the only contact information that Schmetzer's will have for each player. Team managers and uniform coordinators can access the Uniform Ordering Roster Form here.

    This information should be collected by a designated team Uniform Coordinator. Team uniform coordinators must work with the team coach to determine player numbers, etc.

    In addition, each team needs to purchase two (2) Game Jerseys (tops only) for guest players and for use in the event of damage or blood contamination to rostered player uniforms. When submitting roster information to Schmetzer's, identify these players as “Guest 1” and “Guest 2.” Each team needs to designate a person responsible for placing the Guest Player orders, which can be the team uniform coordinator, treasurer, or manager. Be sure to provide the e-mail address for the person designated for placing the order. The cost for the guest player kits is to be included in team fees, and team managers (or other designees) need to be immediately reimbursed after online orders are placed.

  • When do I order?

    Once your team roster information is provided to the club uniform coordinator, each player will receive an email message that provides a link to the player’s personalized online order page on the Schmetzer's website.

    For other ages, you need to place your order within five (5) calendar days following the scheduled fitting night for your child’s age and gender. This will assure that any custom items ordered (the home and away match jerseys and shorts and the training jacket) are placed with adidas for timely delivery. Production time for these custom items is typically 45 days.

  • What uniforms will players wear for tournaments before the Seattle United game kits are shipped?

    Teams should wear the training kit (training jersey, shorts, and socks) for summer games until all rostered players have delivery of the game kits. If all tournament players have the current Seattle United match kits available to wear, that uniform can be worn as well.

  • Is the pricing different for any items found in the Full Kit (Premier teams) and the Base Kit (Select teams)?

    No. The price for each item is the same, whether purchased in the Base Kit or in the Full Kit. The individual price for all items, including customization, is found on the Schmetzer's website when making your order. The only price difference: Youth sizes are slightly less in price than Adult sizes. Men’s and Women’s sizes are the same price.

  • Is Seattle United making any money from uniform kit sales?

    No. Seattle United negotiated the best possible pricing for our members, and passed the cost savings on to our member families. We received competitive quotes from other vendors. We found the best pricing remained available from Schmetzer's, both in terms of kit cost and customization charges. There is no mark-up, rebate, or kickback that Seattle United will receive from uniform kit sales.

  • How do I pay for my order?

    You need to pay at the time you order online.

  • When will my order arrive?

    You can expect a delivery date of May 15th for the in-line pieces (away jersey, away short, socks, training gear). Custom items (home jersey, home shorts, and training jacket) will be shipped about 60 days after order placement.

  • How do I know I ordered my player’s game jersey with the correct player number?

    Players are assigned numbers on a team-by-team basis in accordance with Seattle United’s Player Number Policy.

    Those items requiring a number will be identified by a pop up window confirming customization information (i.e. the player number). Confirm that the number is correct, and if not, enter the corrected number manually. Before check out after placing your online order, be sure to check the customization information provided to assure the player number is accurate.

  • Can my son/daughter wear Nike gear or other non-adidas products?

    Based upon our partnership agreement with adidas, players can only wear adidas apparel provided through the Club during games, training sessions, and official Club events or activities.

    The following are exceptions to this policy: Players can wear non-adidas brand footwear (e.g. Nike cleats are acceptable); shin guards; keeper gloves; compression shorts and tops (e.g. Under Armour is acceptable).

    As an adidas Premier Club, Seattle United strongly encourages players to wear adidas products, all available online or at the Schmetzer's retail store on Aurora.

  • Can my daughter order an Adult Men’s Size Training Pant instead of the Women’s Size?

    Girls can order an Adult Men’s size or even a Youth size in any item that comes in an Adult Women’s size.

  • If I missed the fitting sessions, does the Club keep sample items for sizing?

    Schmetzer's will keep items in stock for your player to try on.

  • When I order, can I purchase additional socks?

    When placing your initial order, you can order additional socks, balls, training shorts, and training jerseys. You can also order replacements of any item at any time using the online order system.

  • How are Financial Aid players to order their uniform kits?

    Financial aid qualified players will receive a letter from the club informing of their aid; this is called the "award letter." Financial aid players are required to place their uniform order at Schmetzer Sporthaus's Aurora Ave location. The player should take their award letter to Schmetzer's when they place their uniform order. Present the award letter to a Schmetzer employee as proof of financial aid award. The player will be able to try on sample uniforms at this time for sizing purposes. Schmetzer's will retain the player's contact information and will contact them when the order is ready for pick up.

    The financial aid kits are limited to the home and away game jerseys, home and away game shorts, and home and away game socks. All other kit items (including the training kit) are the responsibility of the scholarship player. Teams have the option of including the cost of these items in team fees to assist the financial aid player’s family with the costs.

  • Will the Club supply bench coats to the teams?

    The Club will not be providing bench coats to the teams. An adidas bench coat is included among the optional order items at the Seattle United store on the Schmetzer's website. Bench coats are available for individual purchase by parents and players.

    Teams are welcome to purchase a set of the adidas bench coats as team equipment, and include the cost of the coats in the team fees.

  • Can our team buy bench coats from any supplier, and use any brand?

    No. Only adidas apparel can be worn by players and coaches alike under the terms of our partnership commitment with adidas. Only the adidas bench coats available at the Seattle United store on the Schmetzer's website can be purchased.

  • Do teams need to order Guest Jerseys?

    Yes. Occasionally in games, a player may receive a cut that results in blood staining the uniform. Game officials are required to send off players with any exposed blood on their body or uniform, and players are not allowed to return until blood has been removed from the uniform and any wounds treated and covered. For these contingencies, and to assure game uniforms are available for guest players, all teams are required to have on hand two guest jerseys. This means each team will purchase two home and two away guest jerseys. The jerseys need to be numbered. Please refer to the Uniform Numbering Policy for guest player number information. See above regarding how to order the Guest Player kits.

  • Do goalkeepers have a keeper number on their regular jersey (00, 0, or 1) or do they choose a different number for that jersey?

    Under the Player Number Policy, the numbers 0, 00, and 1 are reserved for goalkeepers only.

    Schmetzer's will offer a Seattle United goalkeeper jersey that all GK's are expected to wear. It is recommended that the team incur the cost of this jersey at the younger age groups, where playing time is often divided up among more than one player. These players would also need to purchase the required game kits. At the older age groups, where teams have dedicated GK's, players can purchase the GK jersey and not the team jerseys.