Seattle United Registration Open House March 14

Two Open House Nights Offered for Registration Assistance

If you need any assistance with either online registration or your financial aid application, please note that the club offices are open on Wednesday, March 14, from noon – 8 pm.  Staff, including one fluent Spanish-speaker, will be on hand during that time to assist your with registration or answer any questions you may have regarding the financial aid application.
For registration, please be sure to bring payment for the commitment fee (valid credit or debit card, and checking account information to process an e*check payment online.  We will accept cash for those families who wish to pay in full), and a valid form of age verification if you are new to Seattle United.  NOTE:  All Seattle United players pay 20% of the club fee, including financial aid recipients.  We have multiple payment plans available, and will work with each family should additional teams be required.
For those applying for financial aid, please bring the completed, signed fin. aid application (available online on the club’s website HERE), as well as your 2017 taxes OR a current copy of the school-district issued ‘free or reduced’ qualification letter.  Only complete aid applications will be processed, and any incomplete applications will have to submitted at a later date once complete.
Additionally, all players must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
All players must register by March 15 to avoid any further late fee.  All financial aid applications must be submitted by April 1 for consideration too.
Please take advantage of these extended office hours and support staff on Wednesday, should you need to.  We are not able to schedule many of these registration events during the season, and this is the only one scheduled before the deadlines listed above.
See you on Wednesday!