Payment Plan Reminder!

As the club approaches its’ fiscal year end on March 31, the 201718 season is close to wrapping up as well.

All club fees need to be paid by March 31 unless your automated plan extends to April 15.  Most of you receiving this e-mail missed a payment or two over the course of the plan that you neglected to catch or re-submit after it was originally declined.  Its important that you take care of these past due payments now, by following the instructions below:

    • At the link above, log into your member profile page in Affinity, using the ‘user login’ button on the left-side menu.
    • When your member page opens, hover over your player’s profile picture, and click.
    • The profile box will be outline in red once you click, and then you can access that player’s information.
    • Under their photo, select ‘view payments’.
    • The payment history window will open.
    • Select ‘edit payment’ next to your child’s Fall 2017/18 registration.
    • Proceed as prompted through the payment screens.

At this time, full payment of the balance due will be required at this time.  Should you need to make alternative arrangements, please contact me directly at (Please email using your child’s name and ‘club fee balance due’ in the subject line).

Your prompt attention to this matter ensures your child’s participation in state Cup this spring, and at tryouts for the next season.

Paige Blomso
Seattle United FC
Club Registrar