Seattle United 2018 Raffle Results!

A very surprised Corey and Caro Marx!

Thank you to all Seattle United families who participated in this year’s raffle!  We will post our final tallies, as well as a list of all winners, shortly.

Without further ado, here are this year’s raffle winners:

Prize Winners:

Grand Prize: Corey and Caro Marx (Volkswagen Tiguan)
Runner-Up: Dan Brown ($1,000.00 Amazon Gift Card)
Second Runner-Up: Lorraine Otis ($500.00 Amazon Gift Card)


Top Sellers

Keith Hunter                                           B06 USSDA 1       210 tickets

Jackson Marsh                                        B06 USSDA 1       170 tickets

Scarlett  Woodward                                G05 Copa              125 tickets

Jackie Blume Harris                               South G03 Blue    75 tickets


Top Selling Teams 

B06   USSDA 1                                                                           470 tickets

South B07 Blue                                                                          204 tickets

G05 Copa                                                                                     355 tickets

G07 Tango                                                                                   194 tickets


Players selling 50 or more tickets for $100 Soccer West Gift Card

Camilla Baisden                                       West G07 Blue

Jackie Blume Harris                               South G03 Blue

Braydn Buckholtz                                    West B06 Blue

Layne Davis                                              G05 Copa

Jane Fox                                                    G05 Copa

Isabel Han                                                 G08 Tango

Keith Hunter                                             B06 USSDA 1

Reece Johnson                                          West G08 Blue

Jackson Marsh                                          B06 USSDA 1

Olivia Thompson                                      South G07 Blue

Diana Tuilevuka                                       G08 Tango

Matthew Walker                                      South B07 Blue

Lyla Wood                                                 NE G07 Blue

Scarlett Woodward                                   G05 Copa