Athletic Trainer’s Corner: September 2017

Athletic Trainer’s Corner: September 2017

Monthly Advice From Seattle United ATC Kristin Gollofon

This month’s subject:  INJURY PREVENTION

Seattle United is committed to player safety and is at the forefront of the youth soccer and youth sports communities.  In addition to having a full time athletic trainer and medical advisory committee, Seattle United has club-wide programs that are unique among WA youth soccer clubs.  One of these programs is the injury prevention warm up, which has been implemented for all teams U13 and older.  The comprehensive warm up focuses on flexibility, strength, balance, and agility.

The SU injury prevention warm-up is inspired by the FIFA-11+ and similar injury prevention programs and has been adapted for youth soccer.  Injury prevention programs have been shown to decrease the risk of injury, as well as decrease time loss resulting from injury when performed correctly and consistently.

A proper warm up is important when working to prevent injury, as well as when returning from injury.  When returning to soccer after suffering an injury, extra care should be taken to prepare the previously injured body part for activity:

  • Heat the area with a microwaveable heat pack prior to activity
  • Stretch the surrounding musculature
  • Slowly work up to full activity with a gradual progression

Remember that what you do today can effect how you play tomorrow!  Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns:

If you have any medical questions or concerns, please e-mail Kristin at