Seattle United 2017 Raffle Results!

Thanks to raffle sponsor Campbell Auto Group!

Seattle United Raffle Has Kicked Off!

Thank you to all Seattle United families who participated in this year’s raffle!  We are excited to announce that, through the wonderful efforts of our awesome members, the club has raised $165,080!

Raffle proceeds solely support our financial aid program, and this year’s results mean that we will be able to provide more aid to qualified players than ever before.  The club saw significant increases in financial aid applications this year over past years, and while the club awarded an unprecedented amount of aid ($180,000) this year, unfortunately the financial aid demand continues to exceed our resources.

Like other non-profit organizations, one way to bridge funding gaps at Seattle United is through our club-wide fundraising efforts.  We honestly cannot thank you enough for your support.

Without further ado, here are this year’s raffle winners:

Prize Winners:

Grand Prize: Lindsey Sims (Volkswagen Golf)
Runner-Up: Ove Brekke ($1,000.00 Amazon Gift Card)
Second Runner-Up: Marleen Arenivar ($500.00 Amazon Gift Card)

Top Ticket Sellers (2017/18 Club Fee Waiver):

Girls: August Hunter, SRA 03: 250 tickets
Girls: Smith Hunter, SRA 02: 249 tickets
Boys: Keith Hunter, B05 Copa: 250 tickets
Boys: Jackson Marsh, B06 Copa: 188 tickets

Team Sales Winners (indoor soccer and pizza party at Arena Sports):

Girls: SRA 02, 405 tickets
Girls: SRA 03, 388 tickets
Boys: B06 Copa, 553 tickets
Boys: B05 Copa, 365 tickets

50+ Tickets Sold ($100.00 Soccer West Gift Card):

Isaac Ames, B06 Copa
Camilla Baisden, West G07 Blue
Keenan Beers, West B06 White
Bradyn Buckholtz, West B06 Blue
Adeline Cox, NE G07 Blue
Gavin Davis, B06 Copa
Layne Davis, G05 Copa
Ella Hwang, G04 Copa
August Hunter, SRA 03
Keith Hunter, B05 Copa
Smith Hunter, SRA 02
Madelyne Iliffe, South G04 Blue
Zachary Kunin, West B04 White
Jackson Marsh, B06 Copa
Marek Valvas, West B04 White
Scarlett Woodward, G05 Copa
Skate Yoder, B06 Samba