Darigold RE:FUEL, Official Recovery Beverage of Seattle United

Darigold RE:FUEL, Official Recovery Beverage of Seattle United

Seattle United is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Seattle-based Darigold.  As part of this relationship, Darigold RE:FUEL will become the “Official Recovery Beverage of Seattle United.”  This partnership will allow SU players the opportunity to increase their performance and recovery of muscles after training sessions and games.

Jason Farrell, Director of Development and Communications, is excited about this announcement.  “Seattle United is always looking for strategic partners within our local community.  Darigold is a company that has been located in Seattle for close to 100 years, so we are very proud to be associated with them.  The RE:FUEL product certainly checks all the boxes when we talk about the critical need for muscle recovery, especially when our players are faced with multiple games or training sessions in a short time period.”

What is Darigold RE:FUEL?

Darigold RE:FUEL protein milk is a lactose free recovery beverage that is scientifically proven to increase performance and recovery of muscles after exercise.  It is chocolate milk with added protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to nourish tired muscles and fight fatigue.

Darigold RE:FUEL does not have artificial sweeteners or a medicinal aftertaste.  It tastes like real Darigold Chocolate Milk…because it is real Darigold Chocolate Milk!

How Does RE:FUEL work?

Many studies have shown that a 3-to-1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein is optimal for fast and effective muscle recovery.  Muscles need more than just water or a commercial sports drink to recover fully from intense workouts, training, and exercise.  Muscles need both carbohydrates and a smaller amount of protein to recover.  This ratio supplies the right amount of carbohydrates to begin restoring the glycogen in muscles and protein to repair and rebuild muscle tissue.

Added vitamins and essential minerals in Darigold RE:FUEL, along with natural electrolytes, send nutrients to tired muscles to help the body recover faster.

Studies Show…

Research subjects who drank reduced-fat regular or flavored milk after a strenuous muscle workout had less exercise-induced muscle damage than those who drank water or typical sports drinks.

Exercise-induced muscle damage can lead to future impairments in muscle performance, which could affect future exercise bouts.

A Muscle Building Advantage:

Compared to a soy beverage:

Canadian researchers found that active adults who drank milk after resistance exercise experienced greater support for muscle gain.

A second study found that untrained participants who drank fat-free milk after exercise gained more muscle and lost more body fat at the end of a 12-week training program.  Researchers suggest milk’s advantage may be due to unique properties of milk proteins that may cause differences in speed of digestion and absorption.

What is Recovery and Why is it Important?

Because all exercise is fueled by carbohydrates, individuals who are active, who exercise or who participate in individual or team sports, benefit from eating properly (fueling) and recovering well to have the energy and good health to sustain physical activities.  Nutrition and good recovery, along with adequate hydration, affect not only how much energy you have, but also how effective training and performance is.

Carbohydrates are stored in the liver and muscle as glycogen and these stores are the primary fuel for exercise.  During exercise these glycogen stores are depleted and the only way to replenish them is through food and fluids.

Recovery is a term that refers to the nutrition your body needs to Darigold RE:FUEL and replenish these stores.  Recovery is helping the muscles recover from exercise in two important ways.  First, replenishing the carbohydrates used up during exercise and secondly, to repair and rebuild damaged muscle tissue.  Consuming enough carbohydrates and protein to accomplish both these tasks is important to prepare your muscles for the next workout or training session and to be able to perform your best.  Recovery can take up to 24 hours after exercise has ended.  For athletes, good recovery is essential to delay fatigue, maximize training and enhance performance.

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About Darigold:

Darigold, Inc. is an American dairy agricultural marketing cooperative.  Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, it is owned by the over 500 dairy farm members of the Northwest Dairy Association (formerly the Northwest Dairymen’s Association) located in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Northern California, and Montana.  The cooperative was founded in 1918 as the United Dairymen’s Association, and it bought the Consolidated Dairy Products Company in 1930. A contest among dairy families produced the cooperative’s brand name, “Darigold” in 1930.