SU Night at UW Men’s Soccer, September 25

SU Night at UW Men’s Soccer, September 25

Huskies vs Redhawks in Men's Soccer

Process for getting FREE ticket to game is as follows:

Players that are 8th grade and younger will be able to get in the game for free.  They can go straight to the gate entrance and be let in by the gate usher.  To do this they will need to wear their Seattle United Jersey.

Players that are 9th grade and older will need to have emailed me so I can put them on a different pass list (contact info below).  They will need to get their tickets at will call and make sure they have some form of ID to get their ticket.

Reminder that parents will still need to purchase tickets. They can purchase online at:

Tickets can also be purchased at the gate.

I have gotten a great response asking to have their kids on the pass list—this is great!  If you could just spread the word that kids should wear their Seattle United jersey, everything will go a little smoother!

We are expecting a big crowd on Sunday, so making sure that all teams know this information will help with crowd control and faster lines.

Contact information for event:

Kaycie Bordeaux
Director of Operations – Washington Soccer
Seattle WA 98195
206-221-2951 (o)
360-981-0656 (c)