Seattle United Board of Directors Elections 2016

Seattle United will be holding elections for its governing Board of Directors, to be confirmed at its Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) on October 17, 2016.

In our June newsletter we published a request for volunteers interested in serving on the Seattle United Board of Directors.  In accordance with the Club’s Bylaws, the Governance Committee has recommended a slate of candidates for the four (4) open positions, listed below.  Any member of the club, regardless of whether they are on the proposed slate, may nominate any other member of the club, or self-nominate and run for a board position.  If you wish to self-nominate or propose another candidate for an open position, please provide us with a nomination proposal that includes the nominee’s name, a personal statement of the nominee’s qualifications and background relevant to service on the board, and written acceptance by the nominee of his or her nomination.  Nomination proposals for all nominees must be submitted to Kevin Long at not later than Monday, September 26, 2016.

The nominees for elected board positions, as nominated by the Governance Committee, are:

Amy Gaffney
Amy Marsh
Chris Tessin
Debra Webb

You can find candidate statements below.  Personal statements from member-nominated candidates will be published when received.  From October 1-14, we will have a two week voting period.  From October 15-17, the Election Committee will certify the voting results.

On October 17, the election of newly elected board members will be announced at the Seattle United 2016 Annual General Meeting, held at the Seattle United offices, 650 S. Orcas St., #220, Seattle, WA 98108.  The meeting will commence at 7:30 PM.

The voting process will be supervised by an Election Sub-Committee established by the Board.  Neither members of the Governance Committee nor individuals standing for election may serve on this committee.

Candidate Statement:  Amy Gaffney

Candidate Statement:  Amy Marsh

Candidate Statement:  Chris Tessin

Candidate Statement:  Debra Webb