Owen Albrecht Named First Roy Liu Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Owen Albrecht Named First Roy Liu Memorial Scholarship Recipient

The club is pleased to announce that Owen Albrecht, a B05 Premier Academy player, has been named the first recipient of the Roy Liu Memorial Scholarship. Roy Liu played for SU’s Premier Academy. Last fall, at age 8, Roy succumbed to cancer. It is fitting that Owen, Roy’s teammate, is the first recipient of this award.  Like Roy, Owen is bright and works hard in school. He is respectful of others and welcoming to new players.   

Owen also works hard on the soccer field and is focused in practice. He listens to his coaches and even makes a point of saying “thank you” after an exhausting session.  He is composed on the ball and plays with skill, grit and determination.  His timing is exceptional, demonstrated by the game-winning volley he hit off a corner in the U10 semi-final of state cup to help his team advance (and win the final). Best of all, he does it with a smile on his face.  He demonstrates the joy you feel from pushing yourself and playing a game you love, which are the very characteristics and ideals that define this award.   

Owen is not only an exceptional soccer player, he is an exceptional young man.  At Roy’s funeral, Owen stood beside Roy’s younger brother Roland and offered to be a big brother to him.  Roy’s parents broke down with the love, compassion, and selfless expression shown by eight-year-old Owen Albrecht. He is deserving of the Roy Liu Scholarship award, which is a merit-based scholarship. The scholarship covers the recipient’s club fees for one year.   

The club would like to thank the Seattle United family that stepped forward with the idea to create and fund this award in Roy’s honor.  

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