Club To Raffle Off 2015 Chevy Sonic LT!!

Club To Raffle Off 2015 Chevy Sonic LT!!

As noted in the October Newsletter, the club is rolling out its annual Raffle fundraiser next week. Raffle proceeds help support our financial aid fund and other programs not covered by tuition fees. The club saw significant increases in financial aid applications this year over past years, and while the club awarded an unprecedented amount of aid ($158,000) this year, unfortunately the demand continues to exceed our resources. One way to bridge that funding gap is through our club-wide fundraising efforts.

The success of last year’s raffle provided program fee assistance to many boys and girls with select soccer skills but whose families lacked financial resources to play at this level. A fundamental club ethic is to assist, whenever possible, those players who possess select soccer skills but lack the ability to pay-in-full. Seattle United has never turned down financial aid to qualified applicants.

Your participation and support of this year’s Raffle will make it an even greater success than last year. Here’s how it works:

1. The Raffle runs from November 18th to January 12th, 2015.

2. Anyone eighteen or older may purchase tickets.

3. Your Team Manager will assign a parent to act as Team Raffle Manager.

4. Each player will be issued ten tickets; tickets sell for $10 apiece.

5. Additional tickets will be available from your team’s Raffle Manager.

6. Team Raffle packets are available at club offices (650 S. Orcas St, #220, Seattle, 98108) starting at noon on November 18th.


8. All Shoreline teams will pick-up their raffle packets at Paige Blomso’s ( Shoreline home. If you are a non-Shoreline team and would like to pick-up your team packets there, please email Raffle Coordinator, Julie Irwin, at by noon on Monday, Nov. 17th.

9. ALL UNSOLD TICKETS must be returned to your Team Raffle Coordinator. State law prohibits the loss and/or destruction of licensed raffle tickets.

2014 Raffle Prizes:

1. One Grand Prize: 2015 Chevrolet Sonic LT!!!

2. One Runner-up Prize: $1000 Gift Card!

3. One Third Place Prize: $500 Gift Card!

2014 Raffle Ticket Sale Incentive Awards:

1. 2015/2016 Program Fee Waiver (or $500 Amazon Gift Card): Top Boy Seller

2. 2015/2016 Program Fee Waiver (or $500 Amazon Gift Card): Top Girl Seller

3. Pizza & Indoor Soccer Party courtesy of Arena Sports-Magnuson, Top Team Sales – Girls

4. Pizza & Indoor Soccer Party courtesy of Arena Sports-Magnuson, Top Team Sales – Boys

The Raffle Drawing will be held at the Seattle United Gala at the Marriott Waterfront Hotel, 2100 Alaska Way, Seattle, WA 98121, on Saturday, January 31, 2015, at 8:00 PM.

We are very excited about this year’s grand prize, as it is a sweet car that gets terrific gas mileage while also looking very sporty! We can’t wait to see you driving it!

Thank you in advance for your support of this important annual club fundraiser.